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Chuck table

Model: Chuck table

By our unique and carefully controlled synthesis process, The porous ceramic substrate or panel has uniform size and uniform distribution of through pores.

It can achieve fully distributed effect when used in the field of filtration or object suction.

Principal characteristics:

The pore size could be controlled in the range from submicrometer to several.

  1. Automatic load-unload
  2. High precision stacking
  3. Object suction
  4. Fixed position
  5. Filtration
  6. High precision screen printing
  7. Chuck table for IC and LED wafer ,glass dicing ,etc…


Either in the application field of object suction or filtration, any shape and size of the panels are available. a chuck table for wafer dicing, the dimension of the panel diameter could be 12”,8”,6”,5’,4”,3” and other dimensions are available.

Figure 2 is a square type of chuck table used for LED wafer, screen printing or slurry filtration, we can supply the dimension(C) of the panel side by dimensions below 300 mm


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Chuck table