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Semi-Auto Wafer Mounter

Model: Semi-Auto Wafer Mounter
  • This semi automatic wafer mounter optimizes to applying 12" & 8" wafer, dicing frame and film.
  • It improves performance in all ways: quality, operability and lamination repeatability.
  • It promises to meet diversifying customer demands for stable operation that does not require special skills, film-specific numerical control over lamination conditions, etc.
  • This model was developed for both pre-cut and normal tape, easy to change both function.
  • Available for both pre-cut and normal film.
  • The cutting span of the film can be adjusted.
  • Higher productivity than general semi-auto mounter.
  • User-settable parameters, including lamination pressure, speed, and temperature.
  • The film tension controlled by the digital controller, set & store the optimal value for different film.
  • The touch panel can set and store multiple sets of film parameters.
  • An excellent touch panel in the functionality and operativeness is adopted.
  • Safety interlock function.
  • Variable lamination pitch for normal tape.
  • Tension-free lamination.
  • Bubble-free lamination.
  • Equipped with measures against static electricity.
  • Multiple safety measures, safety light curtains, door sensor and emergency button.
  • Compact, light-weight, and small-footprint type.


  • VACUUM : UNDER -60 kPa (8 mm dia quick fitting)
  • AIR : 0.4-0.5MPa (8 mm dia quick fitting )
  • Electricity : 220V AC 50/60Hz (3P plug)
      *Another Voltage available
  • Dimension : 1600(W) X 800(D) X 1700(H)
  • Weight : 400kg approx.
  • Option : Heater unit (Maximum Temp.:80 deg C) *Customizable


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Semi-Auto Wafer Mounter