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CL-512 wafer cleaning machine

Model: CL-512 wafer cleaning machine

․Automatically cleaning system

CL-512 is a fully automatic cleaning machine design for wafer cleaning after dicing, with high efficiency and multifunction design, CL-512 can easily clean up the residual particles on wafer surface and the dicing ditch.


․Advanced cleaning method

CL-512 provides high efficiency multi-cycles cleaning process, by the air assisted atomizers design with high pressure of gas mixed with micro drop of water, it can wash away the residual particles in very thin dicing ditch easily and therefore provide the best cleaning effect, drying can accomplished after cleaning with high efficiency blowing process, No impurities and spraying duration, repeating cycle of cleaning and repeating cycles of gas blowing.PLC program controlled operation.

PLC program controlled operation

CL-512 wafer cleaner is operated by human machine interface via logic microprocessor, all the operation parameters can be easily input to the system or extract from the memory to edit, for examples: working disk spin speed, air-assisted atomizer spraying range, spraying speed, and spraying duration,repeating cycles of cleaning, and repeating cycles of gas blowing.


-Chinese/English human machine interface.

-Chucks, for 12”, 8” and 6” wafers, and any other shape & dimension is available.

-Built in wafer vacuum hold down and automatic water vent.

-Enhanced cleaning efficiency by air-assisted atomizers spraying nozzle. (high efficiency ultra nozzle is for option)

-Pure nitrogen cleaning up and blowing dry process are available.

-High reliability and mechanical simplicity. Cleaning/dry/spin time set: 0~999 sec

-Spin speed: 200~3000 rpm

-Can be set with or without pressure cleaning and adjustable spray pressure.

-A total of 10 recipes can be use and the arm moving range can be set individually.

-Brush and detergent supply system is optional item.

-Each recipe has 8 wash step, each step can be set individually action elements.(water, N2, water+N2, dry, brush, detergent supply)

-7 inch color human interface, Easy to operation.


DI water pressure: Max. 0.2~0.4 Mpa (2 kg/cm2)

GAS pressure: Max. 0.3~0.5 Mpa (5~6 kg/cm2)


DI water consumption: Max. 1 L/min

Gas consumption: Max. 35 L/min.

Power: 220V AC, 50/60 HZ

Power consumption: 1 KVA

External dimension: W600XD950XH1200㎜

Weight: 170 kg


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CL-512 wafer cleaning machine